This will be my first of a whopping 600 monthly blogs I fully intend to write over the next 50 years.  My aim is to leave a legacy daily by not just “having a good day,” but by striving to make it “a God day” every day!

This blog will enable me to keep up with the blessings that come my way SO THAT I will never forget them and YOU will know the excitement in my heart. o/

This month has brought triumph and tragedy as I experienced my first 30 days at 50 years old!
So here we go:

No. 1   Huge Accomplishment
Ski Course Gospel Presentation completed and going to print for distribution and communication with customers over the phone and in person.

No. 2  Praise Report
Writing 1st article for inclusion in Kristi Overton’s Victorious Living Magazine with an open invitation by Kristi to write as many and as often as I like in “Karen’s Corner.”

No. 3  Huge Accomplishment 
Dynamic Wealth Advisor secured thanks to Cousin John’s leading and God’s provision.  Yes, September 26th, 2012, was the 1st Day of the rest of our financial lives, for His Glory!
May God Bless to continue bless our tithes and offerings and savings and faithfulness to do it His Way!  Tithing and living within our means brings peace now AND  a feeling of richness and abundance that is priceless.  “Owe no one anything, except to love one another.”  Romans 13:8

No. 4 Praise Report
New Spring Church attendance has led to an Evangelism Fellowship Class and family unity, fun, fellowship and growth for Vince and Brendan and I.  Pastor Perry’s new, 1st book:  Unleash!  Breaking Free from Normalcy is about to take us to a whole new level.  I’ll share my Book Report #1 in my next blog.

No. 5 Revelation
Wisdom gained from watching  The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment DVD (available at Christian book stores) based the on the book: The Harbinger (warnings of ruin) concerning Israel and America’s fate had astonishing impact and precedence on my daily understanding of world events taking place before our very eyes, inspiring a sense of urgency to be a light shining in this darkness, ever brighter and bolder!  http://theharbinger-jonathancahn.blogspot.com/2012/01/jonathan-cahn-on-sid-roths-its.html

No. 6 Other Highlights for the Month of September
Labor Day Weekend, last BIG push at D.I.M., GLORY!
Open House at Chapin High School, new world opens up for Brendan and us.
Democratic National Convention w/Clinton and Biden and turban heads and Hispanics, WOW!
Mercedes Benz Service Appointment and loaner Mercedes, FUN!
Aunt Charlene’s 67th Birthday call and card sent and Big Pa visits this month, SPECIAL!
11th Anniversary of 9/11/2001 attack, STILL IMPACTFUL!
Kristi Overton’s Thank You to KD for all the support over the years, PRAISE THE LORD!
Religion in the workplace article written for Patrick Schelble, A BLESSING!

Richard’s younger brother, Alex, takes his life at 46.  Sudden, unexpected, tragic loss for the Powlas family.  Lord, restore their hearts and minds to soundness.  Give them liberty not to be bound in their hearts and minds forever.  Help them to forgive and detox from this very acidic action that now affects their reality. Help them forgive themselves and each other from any regrets Satan is accusing them of.  Only God can turn ashes into beauty.  May He do it yet again in the precious Powlas family by the Powerful name of Jesus.  AMEN!

Until next month, Make Every Day Count for Jesus!
Love and Laughter, Karen

Quote of the Month:  “It only takes one anointed God conversation to make it a Great Day!”


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  1. BEL
    BEL says:

    I love this summary of your "God month". Your excitement in daily living for Him shines through, in both the ups and the downs. May your blogs continue to glorify Him.

    Your Sister in Christ,


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