WOW!  What a Way to Live . . . BEING INTENTIONAL!
I think I had 14 “God Days” in a row in October, then I lost count.  My 2nd 30 days since turning 50 have proven profitable and productive.  Counting the days, rather than the years is biblical and fascinating when you purpose in your heart to work for the Lord.  Following is an account of my highlights for October, 2012.

Highlight #1:  I skied October 6th and spotted a lovely lake house for sale in Bear Creek on the point with the right price, the right location and the lowest interest rate ever, 3.25%.  But, we prayed and it became clear the debt was too heavy a burden.  So, Vince and I chose to honor the Lord’s word which says: “Owe no man nothing, except for to love them.”  pursuant to Romans 13:8.

Highlight #2:    October 12th, attended a Copeland Word Conference with Mom in Columbia entitled:  How to Live the Kingdom Lifestyle, Based on the Superior Principles of God.

Here are my favorite POWER THOUGHTS from the seminar for you:
*  Every morning, we must clear up the mental picture created by the day before.

*  Start with the end in mind.  Keep your focus on where you are going.  That will make the NOW momentary and light.  God has the end in mind.  This is how we must also operate.

* Jesus’ Mom told the disciples at the wedding feast, “Just do what He says.” We should do the same.

* Crises Management Remedy:  Take 3 days, tune into God on the matter. Roll it onto Him and wait.    God gives wisdom!  See James Chapter 1.

* Words are for deliverence of Power 1st.  And, for communication 2nd!

* Satan is a Terrorist.  Isaiah 54:  Terror and Fear shall gather together, but not by me!
103rd Psalm for Calm:  Our lives are redeemed from destruction!

* Jesus is the Commander and Chief of our Life.  “Bring it to me”, that’s always the key.”  Love JC

Highlight #3:  October 12th, after spending all morning in Psalm 91, the Safety Psalm, at the Word Conference and speaking it over Brendan Dougherty’s second RZR race at Durhamtown, GA, Brendan finished 2nd out of 17, ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL I HAD ASKED OR THOUGHT!
His Angels not only protected him but flew him through the 3 hour endurance race with grace!

Highlight #4:  I began an Evangelism Class with New Spring Church October 11th.  We learned the Why, Where, Who, and How of Evangelism.  Here they are in a nutshell for your edification:

Why Share the Good News:  Because our biggest problem is not Political or Economical or Moral it is Spiritual!  And, until Jesus intersects with a heart, there is sin and corruption and every evil work.
So, we must begin to make amends, one heart at a time.   And, because every other religion says:  Here is how you get to God.  But, Christianity says:  God came down to us!!!  And, He asks, with GRACE and LOVE, in His heart:  “May I have this dance?”

What is Evangelism?  Telling Others About Jesus.  We must own His commands to Go!  Every gospel exhorts us with a charge to Go!  Not just Matthew 28:18-20 but there’s more . . .

John 9:3-5  As long as it is day, we must do the work of Him who sent me.  Night is coming, when no one can work!

Mark 16:15  Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation!

2 Corinthians 5:11, 15-21 All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the message of reconciliation!

Jesus can and wants to change lives!!!  Every single relationship we have is intentional by God, not accidental.  We must bear this in mind always!

Where are we called to go?  Outside the church!  Church is a place where people can and should meet Jesus!  People far from God are not projects.  Make a friend.  Have a passion for your friend to know Jesus.  We must resist the desire to become obsessed with ourselves.  We must be very, very, very intentional with our relationships.  Be nice, create interest by asking rhetorical questions.
Do not back away from the tough issues.  Trust Jesus!  Understand the potential for change that one has!  They will leave what is valuable to them now AFTER they meet Jesus!  He will reveal Himself to people in His time!  You are in His Will if you are sharing your faith!  Living life to the fullest, as I call it.

Who is supposed to share the Gospel?   Spiritual Maturity is accepting responsibility that evangelism is MY responsibility.  At some point, children must say:  This is my faith, not my parent’s faith.  John 9:17 says:  “He is of age; ask Him.”  A second time they summoned the man who had been blind.  “Give Glory to God,” they said.  “We know this man is a sinner.”  The blind man replied, “Whether a sinner or not, I do not know.  One thing I do know.  I was blind, but now I see!”
We all have a before and after if we met Christ!  Use it boldy, assuredly, frequently, proudly, respectfully and humbly!

Following are a few of my favorite one line testimonies as briefly as I can say it:
I was lost in sin. But now, I am pursuing holiness!
I had a foul mouth.  But now, I speak words of righteousness.
I was seeking my own.  But now, I pursue the lost for Christ.
I was overweight, without influence.  But now, I appear strong in the Lord!
I was insecure and easily pursuaded.  But now, I am fixed on the rock solid truth.

More fully:  In my 20’s I was wondering if all there was to life was a successful carreer and marraige and living for the next entertainment.  But then, I got consistent in studying the Bible for the first time in my life.  And, from there, I became fully pursuaded that Jesus is the only way, the whole truth and the abundant life.”  John 14:6  So, I dedicated my life to knowing Jesus through His word!  Since then, I have truth to stand on, purpose to fulfill and power to run the course, one day at a time.

So beloved family and friends, I encourage to get yourself armed with your testimony and a Gospel presentation up your sleeve.  Only then, will we be living life to the fullest, one day at a time!
Lord, help us to count our days, to do life together, and to continue to meet with each other for encouragement, accountability and support.  Hold onto your fork!  The best is yet to come!

Until next month, Make Every Day Count for Jesus!
Love and Laughter, Karen

Quote of the month:  Always Submit the Emotional to the Biblical.  This will give you the right perspective to carry on.


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