November 6th came and went along with our hope for a new President.  But, the beat goes on.
And, perhaps, with a greater sense of urgency than ever before!  Yes, prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.  It is time to build our hope in the coming of Jesus Christ according to Peter’s epistles which are referred to as the Epistles of Stick Your Neck Out Hope.  That’s hugely eager anticipation of what is to come.  One thing is for sure, In God We Can Still Trust!

DIM sent out a bulk e-mail promotion November 1st which said:  “God Bless America November 6th, Election Day, as we get out and vote and make our voices heard!  Remember God’s Words to us in 2 Chronicles 7:14.”  Boy oh boy, did we experience spiritual warfare for two days for using that scripture.  The bible calls it bearing reproach (unacceptance).   We also received some timely encouragement for our boldness.  But, what an honor it was to respond to the rebukes with love and humility and to explain that we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And, that we understand it is foolishness to those who are perishing.  But, to us who are being saved, it is the power of God unto Salvation.  And, that we meant no offense.  How excillerating it was to bear reproach for His Glory.  Psalm 69:9 says:  Because zeal for your house has eaten me up, I will testify of your works all the days of my life!

*Grandfather, Big Pa, turned 97 years old, a legacy to treasure and behold!

*Precious Parents shared their 55 wedding anniversary, a priceless gift to the entire family.

*Brendan won 2nd place in his RZR Endurance Race for the SECOND TIME, November 10th.

Brendan’s racing team, seen below, has another race coming up December 8th.  That’s Brendan in the middle with his pointer finger up, with the long hair.  His RZR is on the far right.  Brendan will turn 15 on 12-12-12.  No worries concerning a driver’s license for this young man!  Psalm 91 protects my son!!!  His jersey number he picked out is 316.  Yep, you guessed it, for John 3:16!

* November sales increased 5% for DIM this year.  Proving once again that . . . God is More than Enough!  My first article in Kristi Overton Johnson’s Victorious Living Magazine came out this month sharing our story of how Discount Inboard Marine got started on a $1,500 loan and how God has been faithful to sustain us through 21 off seasons, the winter months in the marine industry, as we stand on His promise in Jeremiah 17:7-8 which says . . . Blessed is the man that trusts the Lord, in whose hope the Lord is.  For he shall be as a tree planted by the water, that spreads out her roots by the river, and shall not see when the heat comes, but her leaf shall be green, and shall not be full of care in the season of drought, neither shall they cease from yielding fruit.”  Praise the Lord, He is faithful!

Until next month, which will be time to ring in the New Year of 2013 . . . Make your voices heard!  Go, tell it on the mountains, that Jesus Christ is born!  Nothing else will make you feel more Fully Alive!

With Joy Overflowing, Karen

Quote of the Month: A person is fully alive only when he is connected to the Purpose of Christ!



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