Want to Connect? Touch a Heart First!

The Law of Connection is a tremendous leadership law.  It might as well be called the Art of Communication.  It says that great leaders touch a heart, before they ask for a helping hand.   A leader “walks slowly through the crowd” and listens to hearts and shakes hands.  You see, you want to be able to minister to and speak to a heart, before you can move a soul to action.  People won’t go along with you until they can get along with you.

It is said, a manager treats everyone the same, but leaders treat everyone differently. Leaders realize folks have different dreams and desires.  So, they ask questions to know them intimately if they are to move them outwardly.   Leaders find other’s motivation buttons.

It’s easier to have people connect with your vision, but that method won’t last long. Most people don’t want to serve your desires.  They have their own journey they want to take.  So, your first item is:  Find out where are they now, ask yourself how can I learn from them?  How can I connect with them?

The moment you connect is the moment you begin to move them in the right direction.

Remember: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect!  Once you can connect with the heart, it is amazing how you can help them.

Remember, we connect because we want to help them!  Great examples:  Mother Teresa, M.L. King, Jr., Billy Graham, Jesus Christ.

“Leaders are dealers in Hope,”  General Napoleon Bonaparte.

“When you give people hope, you give them a future,” John C. Maxwell.

Jesus said, “I have plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11

For more insight into effective connection and communication, click on the video link above.  And, please let me know what you think and whether or not I have touched your heart today.

From my heart to yours.  Until next time, let’s stay connected.




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